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10 Ways To Lose 10lb In 2018

So we are now past January. How are your new years resolutions holding out?

Now that the buzz has died down,  thought I would share with you some ways to lose 10 lb this year and more importantly, keep it off.

Over the next 2 blog posts I am going to give you 10 top tips to make 2018 the year they get in the best possible physical & mental shape.


Here we go…

1. Use better metrics to gauge your success

I know, I know. Sounds very counter intuitive to offer 10 ways to lose 10Ibs then tell you NOT to focus on weight loss. BUT stay with me…

One of the biggest misconceptions AND lies that the weight loss industry has sold you, is the idea that WEIGHT LOSS means FAT LOSS. As many APT members have found out as they have seen their clothes sizes drop.. often the scales hardly move at all.

It’s certainly not rocket science to learn that the KEY contributing factor here is the hard earned lean muscle a person has gained along the way.

Therefore ONE key strategy I urge you to think about in 2018 is the metrics you are using to gauge success. I’m not saying throw away the scales (although you could).

But I do highly recommend far better metrics like; progress pictures, measurements (hip-to-waist ration for females & waist for males) oh yeah and the one everyone forgets…the, “How do I feel scale”.

After all, the whole point of getting healthier is to feel better right? So why not measure that stat?

Lastly, if you really want to understand your TRUE body composition, you can book an for a health diagnostic. Our Body Composition scales deliver accurate metrics of how much body fat you are holding, how much muscle, water, bone density etc.

Health diagnostics are £49 and can be done at our facility and free if you decide to sign up for one of our small group personal training programs.

Just email info@assert-fitness.co.uk to book your health diagnostic in.

2. Cut out / minimise processed carbs.

As you know, dieting is an absolute mind field. One day we’re being told to go Vegan. The next day, paleo. I.F. 5:2. And the latest in thing is the Ketogenic diet.

What’s crazy is many people DO see great results on these types of diets even though the principles (like eat only meat or eat zero meat) are completely contradictory.

So what gives???

One of the strategies I’ve used to over-come this problem of conflicting advise is to look at where people DO agree.

And one thing all these popular diets CAN agree on, is we should be staying well clear of processed carbs (your cakes, crisps, bagels, muffins, brownies. Basically everything a costa coffee sells as food!). Time & time again its the ONE thing that keeps cropping up. And it’s no coincidence.

In fact APT’s 30 day reset plan is all revolved around finding out which carbohydrates your body IS able to tolerate. We believe this going to be quite revolutionary as it enables the starting point of personalised nutrition.

3. Put as much energy into working IN as to working OUT.

Working out has always been the popular go to choice for improved fitness. In many ways this is rightly so because as a society we don’t move enough. However, just like a car needs refuelling & regular servicing our bodies require adequate regeneration time too in order to perform at its best when working out.

Think of it this way. Working “out” is to expend energy. Working “in” is to deposit energy back into your energy bank.

For a healthy, high performing life these deposits need to come in the form of physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

Unfortunately though, it’s this re-generation time that has been neglected due to the fast-paced consumerism of tech, social media and shiny objects.

I often refer to it as being stuck in the matrix. When this happens people get so caught up in their own thoughts that they forget whats real and important. Over time this constant, “out-put” wears them out. APT’s group Get Fit Northumberland was designed to help people remove themselves from the Matrix and take control of their own destiny better. You can join here for FREE.

[5 Working “IN” Tips]

My big tip for 2018 is quit comparing. Quit trying to keep up with the Jones’s. Instead ask, how can I show up in the world as the BEST version of ME. I’m confident that showing up as the best version of yourself WON’T include scrolling hours of stupid videos on social feed media!

Here are 5 working IN strategies that you can use to regenerate your physical mental, emotional and spiritual energy levels:

  1. Focus your efforts on optimal sleep (sleep recently over-took exercise as priority for weight loss)
  2. Start a meditation practice using an app like Calm or Headspace
  3. Practice diaphragmatic breathing using a breathing drill like box breathing
  4. Journal your thoughts, anxieties & wins each day. I like the 5 minute journal
  5. Take a 3-5 day digital detox this month and record how you feel

4. Get a training partner, PT or join a group

Following my own rejuvenation for training this year I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get great fitness, strength / training results by training on your own.

Humans are built to thrive on tribes FACT. And thats why I believe so many of our members stick with us for so many years. Its not just about the training, it’s about community. It’s about relationships. And the ‘we’re in this together feeling you get.

If you are still trying to do it on your own but not seeing results then check out the P.S in this article as we have something I think you’ll like!

5. Create an Ideal week:

What does YOUR ideal week look like? My guess is you’d find that a tricky question to answer?

Yet what occurred to me recently is how people get really annoyed with themselves for outcomes they’re not happy with. Yet they’ve never actually established what a great week would like!

How to do it..
Your ideal week should include as much detail as possible; your morning routine, your pre-bed routine. training routine. What you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Your day at work. Your interaction with people/family. You can add to it over-time, don’t think you have to complete it all in 10 minutes BUT what it does do is set a fantastic INTENTION.


Well, I hope you enjoyed the first 5 tips of 10 ways to lose 10Ib’s in 2018. Stay tuned for part two.

Dean Coulson, Lifestyle Performance Coach

Founder @ APT


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