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Angie’s Journey to Health

Assert Fitness - angies journey

This is one person I am extremely proud of. Angie Newby drew a line in the sand and knew she had to make a change for her. This is her story….

“I woke up one morning and decided that I was now ready to tackle my problems, I was massively overweight, and over 10 stone heavier than my body had ever been. I was ill. My Thyroid had been completely removed due to cancer, I had fibromyalgia and a lot of mental issues due to things that happened in my early years. Food was (and still is) a comfort, A shield, a blanket to surround myself with. Although this feeling would be great at the time, half an hour later I was back to hating myself, my body and my weaknesses.

My friend had been going to Assert Fitness group training for about a year and with my permission he gave Dean, who owned Assert Fitness, my phone number so that we could have a chat. We spoke for quite a while about what I wanted from the programme. About what I was willing to give to the programme and what had been holding me back. During the call I agreed to do the 21 day trial, the whole time thinking I probably wouldn’t get past the first session.

My other fears were; what would I look like? What would the others think? I mean, I was as round as I was tall.

Turns out that should never have bothered me, because I could not have found a more supportive, “Daft as a brush” bunch of people than the group I joined, with Dean always going the extra mile to make me feel that I had made the right decision.

My first session was in March 2013. It snowed throughout the night and I genuinely thought (hoped) it would be cancelled. I soon realised though, that nothing cancels a session, that point being made as I lay in a foot of snow trying got do push ups thinking “what the hell are you doing?”

But you know what? I left that first session cold but warm, tired but energised and most of all… completely hooked!

From that day I changed my life. I ate better than I had, I no longer did portion control or calorie counting (not that I really did before, that’s what caused my problems, although this time it was different). I’m vegetarian but I can say without doubt the nutrition program that Dean created works for everyone. He always takes time to see your struggles and meets you where you are, your starting point. I did my exercise religiously, turned up to every fitness camp session. I sweated, I moaned, I laughed and I enjoyed every damn minute of it.

It was fun to watch the realisation on people’s faces when they eventually seen who I had become. My own sister stood behind me at a check out and didn’t even recognise me from behind.

I’ve lost 10 stone in weight. 12” from my bust, 16” from my waist, 14” from my hips, 9” from each thigh, 2 1/2 “ from each arm, 3” from each calf, with a grand total of 71” in total from my body, which is 10” more than my height!

If you still think it isn’t for you because you are too unfit, too fat, incapable of being anything other than you are then I am here to tell you that you are wrong. You should never, ever give up on yourself and never worry about what others think. I was never treated any differently to anyone else. I only ever found encouragement and hope.

And now after many years of searching, I eventually found me.

Thank you, Dean Coulson and all my friends at Assert Fitness, including my nemesis Eileen Edwards who kept me on my toes. I needed you all, even before I realised myself.”

Angie Newby

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