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The Truth About Carbs

the truth about carbs

“Won’t I be starving without carbs?” This is a common question I get and the answer is no. It comes down to listening to your body. Most carbs are devoid of nutrients and can contribute to more sugar cravings as your energy surges and crashes. Proteins and fats however are rich in nutrients and contribute […]

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How To Get Your Energy Back

For PARENTS that want to spend less on toys and possessions and to be able to give their TIME and ENERGY to their loved ones…. I was speaking to a lady not so long ago, desperate to get back her health & happiness… It went like this… Her main worry… was not having the energy […]

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Fool Proof Fat loss…

Fool proof fat loss

Lets Face it, What you think is the problem most often isn’t. Getting in shape isn’t that you don’t know what to eat. I am pretty sure that you know an apple is better than a chocolate bar, that you should drink lots of water, that you should eat lots of vegetables, that you should […]

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