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How To Get Your Nutrition Back On Track After Your Holiday

how to get your nutrition back on track

Have you let your healthy habits slip over a holiday!?

Ever felt that holiday hangover?

You know when you overindulge in food and drink that you know doesn’t really inspire good health, but you do it anyway.

Whether it be a 2 week jaunt abroad or a bank holiday weekend when you eat things you know you weren’t supposed to but hell, its a holiday right?

Everyone does it. It seems a holiday means a holiday from everything… work, healthy eating and drinking, no exercise. Sound familiar?

When I have let things slip I can really feel the difference in my performance even from just from 3 days out of my routine.

– My sleep went to pot and so I just felt tired all of the time
– My nutrition takes a wing it approach and I definitely did not eat enough each day
– I forgot to take my supplements
– I don’t drink enough water
– My training sessions go out the window

So here are somethings to help you get back on track…

1) Plan out when you are going to train this week and what times 

This is really important. back form holiday even if its a bank holiday it feels like your schedule suffers. Get out your diary and plan in the times you definitely can train. Get it written and blocked off in the diary. I know you might not feel like it right now, but everyone feels better after a good workout and the sooner you can go, the better.

2) Do some meal prep so you know what you are eating and when

Look at your schedule and look at the days when you definitely need to plan your food around work, training, if you are out and about with some other activity.  Taking your diary and planning when you will eat along with what you will eat will save you stress and stop those dreaded temptations when you’re tired and hungry.

3) Organise your supplements in to daily boxes 

If you take supplements like I do, you’ll know how you feel when you DON’T take them. They are all part of the  jigsaw that improves your overall health and well being. So portion them out into daily boxes and set alarms on your phone to take them on time.

4) Focus on drinking water

One of the best ways to beat a holiday booze infused bloat is to hydrate hydrate hydrate! One of the best ways to get water into your system is to get a big bottle (e.g. grab a 2 litre bottle of Evian) and carry it round with you the whole time. A 2 litre bottle means you will have hit 3/4 of your daily water target. If you are at work, put it in front of you with a post it note saying drink by <todays date> and set reminders.

All of this can take less than an hour and all you need to do was make a plan.

Fail to plan, plan to fail

Follow this simple advice and you now have a plan to follow, so you can get on with your week with no worry on what you should be doing! Back in a routine and getting the habits back on track.

You see I know that for my clients, I coach them to a happier and healthier lifestyle with the foundation of this a solid plan that we follow together. Without a plan, you end up just aimlessly wandering and hoping you’ll make changes (often you don’t). One of my favourite ways to work with clients and teach them not only about nutrition and training, but the importance of planning, is through my group coaching programmes.

If your struggling after the summer with getting your habits back on track and need your own nutrition and training plans to follow with support and accountability then my 28 day kick start coaching program starts on Monday! Click here to learn more or if you’re ready to sign up and get started.

To your Strength & Health


    Dean Coulson