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The Truth About Carbs

the truth about carbs

“Won’t I be starving without carbs?”

This is a common question I get and the answer is no. It comes down to listening to your body. Most carbs are devoid of nutrients and can contribute to more sugar cravings as your energy surges and crashes. Proteins and fats however are rich in nutrients and contribute to your overall wellbeing and feeling fuller for longer.

There are so many myths around food, nutrition and health. Today I thought I would address THE elephant in the room. Carbs!

This subject that comes up on a daily basis for me with my clients, people I meet, family, friends etc etc.

There is so much confusion around this topic.

You may here the following almost daily… carbs are evil, carbs are good, low carb diets are dangerous and increase your risk of heart disease, carbohydrates are essential

So lets break it down…

Low carb diets can be very healthy as they often focus on real food, often with a high fruit and vegetable content. Paleo diets have advocated this for a long time  and people have seen HUGE benefit from.

I can only see that as a good thing, a diet based on real food. This is what most people miss. There is mo magic pill or quick fix. the answer is not in a jar or a packet. A good diet is based on real food.

When the term “Low carb diet” is used, they are by default, often high in fa. Many Still think that high fat is bad for your health and is the primary cause of heart disease. but its not. Heart disease is multi-factorial, just like many diseases and often stems from inflammation, NOT high fat and/or cholesterol.

Currently there is currently no direct evidence to suggest saturated fat intake and heart disease are directly linked (this is looking at actual research, not hearsay)

Fat is a perfectly healthy, you just need to eat the best sources.

However, just because saturated fat is no longer deemed as evil, it doesn’t mean that’s all we should eat.

Our fat sources should be from a mixture of animal sources, coconut, plant based which are mono & unsaturated fat and fish, nuts and flax which are omega 3 based fats.

As for carbs…

There is no good or bad. It simply comes down to avoiding carbs that are naturally not best from a health perspective.

The carbohydrate content of your diet should always match your exercise levels, If you are largely sedentary, why would you choose high carbs? carbs are consumed for energy, but if your carb stores are full because you haven’t used them as fuel you DO NOT require any more. If you are more active then you will deplete the energy you have and so you “earn the right” to replenish it. If you compete in sports at a high level or train for muscle gain then you you will require more than someone who sits on the butt all day.

Also pay attention to see how they make you FEEL. Do you feel tired, bloated, lethargic, irritable when eating carbs? sure signs your body did not like what you have eaten. Always listen to your body.

Any individuals macronutrient split (proteins, fats and carbs) should be based on how food proportions make you feel, in terms of the energy response you get from eating a certain meal.

Your body always knows and tells you how foods make you feel, should you choose to listen.

So are low carb diets right for you?

Maybe, try it, see if it works for you and your goals, but ensure it is based around good, healthy, wholesome food.

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– Dean

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